Tuesday, 20 May 2008

May 20th Update

I promised an update by Tuesday, and here it is. Nothing awesome like a view of the script (which isn't that interesting, I suppose). Instead, I have the first of what I hope is to be many small interviews with my crew. First up is James McKinney. This interview is short, light-hearted, and consists of questions like what's your name, what's your favorite part of working on it, etc. A more serious one may or may not follow, but I hope that one will. This should give anyone who watches it a look into the people behind The Blade.

Please note that this video is Youtube, and will not be up for a short time. When it is, however, it should appear above.

Monday, 12 May 2008

May 12 Update

It's good to be writing an update after these many long months (just over two, I believe). First, I'm going to explain why there has not been an update. Simply, there has not been anything to update. Until last night. Unfortunately, my internet connection was messed up (Comcast sucks, avoid it if you can) and I couldn't post. Just what is this piece of information? The final draft of the script has been completed. Now, this is not to say I have been filming without a script. This final draft is just a polishing of the dialogue and addition of scenes. For example, in the first draft, Commander Trey Smith's job of evacuating a Colonel didn't flow well. Now, however, it fits in quite well.

That's about it for this update, but expect one by next Tuesday. I'm going to try to update a little more often, and get The Blade out as soon as possible. Now, to finish things off, I'll throw in a small shot of the script: