Friday, 9 November 2007

November 9th Update

Hey everyone. Aglor here again with a few small updates. First, progress on The Blade is going smoothly. More filming will be completed tomorrow at about noon (some of you may notice me or my crew playing Halo 2 and, you'll know why). Last week, a scene that has been quite difficult to get has been completed, involving a ghost and Trey Smith jumping onto it from above.
Also, the masterminds here behind The Blade are working on putting together a little gift for the people who have been following production. Sort of a thank you for paying attention to us. Nothing big, but it'll do. You'll have to wait a few days until I get all of the details figured out to see what I'm talking about.

At my last talk with our brilliant Master of Animation, there isn't anything new, really. So, no CG Update just yet. Sorry, I know that the CG is one of the big draws for people, if only because it looks shiny. I can, however show you a special little bonus for an upcoming project that will of course be involved in The Blade and adding to the story, tying it in with the... well, if I finished that sentence, I'd have to kill you. Just take a look:

Oh, and because I feel guilty about not giving away a teaser picture actually from The Blade in awhile, here's this. It's a picture of two members of my crew, whose names I'm not giving away until I get there okay. On the TV, you can see where we filmed the scene that gave us so much trouble. I'll be in the next crew pic, so you can finally see who has been writing these bloody updates. Enjoy, everyone!