Friday, 31 August 2007

The REAL final August Update

Hey, just the CGI guy here, with a little teaser ;)
HEV pods anyone?

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Final August Update!

And I'm back! Haven't updated in a little while, but I'm here now! First, a little info about why I haven't updated. Lightning hit my house or something, and my computer fried. After swapping out the hard drives (this computer is so slow!) I finally got back to The Blade. For tonight's update, I'll answer some questions, show off a bit of art I made for the storyline, and toss in a small bio of one of the characters. Read on, and enjoy!

First up, the questions. These are from Spartan 501 on the Codex Forums. Why the Codex, you ask? Because they're special, that's why. Okay, on to the Q&A.

  1. How soon will the blade be done? I'm shooting for September 25 to have filming done, but no exact date has been set.

  2. Can you give us any hints to the storyline? Well, not really. It might ruin the effect of seeing the movie. However, I can give you the background on one of the characters (see below).

  3. This one is for Mcdoogleh: What is the status of the CGI? (Answered by our good ol' CG guy) Since I am redoing ALL of the CGI, I have gotten one scene redone XD. But don't worry, it will be done quicker XD.

So, now that that is out of the way, we can move on to my bit of art.

Pretty awsome, huh? I think so, at least. Anyway, on to the bio. Which character will it be? Trey Smith, Alpha, the High General, maybe even Nom Sut-Dun. Who is it? Drum roll, please.

It is Commander Corona! So far you guys have heard nothing of Commander James Corona, an ODST and old friend of our main hero, Trey Smith. But here he is, or at least his biography. What I can reveal, at least.

Name: Commander James Martin Corona

Born: October 6, 2518

Death: N/A

Early History: Commander James Martin Corona was born October 6, 2518 to John and Jackie Corona (deceased). At the age of six, James began his schooling at the Shaw Acadamy. He graduated from the Academy in 2536 at the age of 18. His parents are killed by Covenant forces while vacationing on the planet Rayon, provoking James to join the United Nations Space Command Navy.

Military History: James Corona rose in rank quickly, after several engagements with Covenant forces, and Human rebels. He left the Navy after reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He then joined his childhood friend Commander Trey Smith in the United Nations Space Command Special Operations Branch (seal above) in 2542. Corona served with Smith on several occasions, the last of which was on New London. During an operation on New London, Corona was wounded and hospitalized. He left the Service one year later in 2547 and rejoined the Navy. He fought in several more battles, and achieved the rank of Commander. He is currently stationed on the planet Yarous VII in the Theleta System, operations commander of the forces in Victoria City and under the direct command of Colonel George Lock.

That's all for this update. If anyone has any more questions they want answered in the next update, either post them on the Codex forums in The Blade topic, or send them to with a subject line reading "The Blade Questions". Any questions are welcome, so don't hesitate to ask if you want to know something.

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Good news! I have sorted 90% of the CGI objects and presets for The Blade! And, to show the progress, here is the Frigate Nostradamus finished!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

CG Update

Here is the image of FFG-132, Nostradamus.


CG: Update

While creating CGI for The Blade, I thought I might release some pics and a teaser vid ;). These ships, are from the blade, and I have some specs on them XD

UNSC- Dawn Under Heaven:
The Dawn Under Heaven is one of ten UNSC Type S Halcyons that has stealth sensors and has enough power to take out 3 covenant frigates by itself. Dawn Under Heaven was also upgraded with honeycombed Titanium A and having a total of 40 archer pods which fire 5 archer missiles at a time when running at top power. The ship is quite manuoeverable in combat situations. She is currently under the command of Captain Diez, a capable captain who was well known for saving Admiral Jason Sonic during Harvest.

UNSC- Marathon Tempest:
The Marathon Tempest is one of the top UNSC Cruisers in the fleet. Currently stationed in Theleta System. It is also carries the leader of operations in the system, known as Admiral Blair. He has stationed the tempest here until he has completed his operation here.

UNSC Frigate- FFG 132- Nostradamus:
The Nostradamus is the Marathon Tempest's escort, converted into a screening ship which covers the more powerful warships in the fleet. The current head of the ship is Commander. Jamerson, a commander who fought in harvest.

And to finish, here is a small vid I have done for the blade XD.

Video sent by Gundam114
NOTE- BTW, I will finish the other images later.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

August 11 Update

Wow, it's been awile. The last update was, what, almost a month ago? This is another small one, nothing special. We got some filming done, but it was all reshooting footage I didn't like. I hate ramps now. 15 takes to walk down one of those blue ramps on Midship is just too much. I'll never walk up a ramp again. Anyway, to make this update a little more interesting, I'll toss in a few more teaser pics. Enjoy.