Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Blade- CGI Update!

I guess I better do a CGI Update, I am WAY over due to do one...

Anyway, for people wondering what is going on in the CGI world for me, I have begun to add Post Processing effects after my film (Explained to me by the Halo Unyielding 2 Editor Guru, TMRiddle.)

Allow me to explain the process, that I go through-

This, is the original CGI Shot, and I run multiple angles of the same scene to great effect. However, after I am done editing and setting up the sound (Sound for the CGI will always be done by me :P, except for when my cat sits on my kybard...), I apply some special effects that work for me (And also make my stuff look better). In the end Process, I end up with this-

Same shot, but WAAAAY Kooler!

I don't use the same post processing effects in all my films, in some cases I apply different ones that work out for the CGI.

To finish, I'll put up a final CGI Shot. Post Processing was applied ;)...

P.S- I didnt anti-anialise the last shot XD, so sue me if you have to!